Fallout Apocrypha V1.1

  • I will try and answer all questions posted in the comments (you can see answers there now). Some of these questions I may move directly into this post, but feel free to browse and see what interests you.
  • Any additions I will try and mark with an “*” or an obvious inclusion at the beginning or end of this post.
  • Topic Additions: Horses and Talking Deathclaws.
  • Patch Notes: So this V1.1 fixes some spelling errors in the text, makes the Fallout 3 feedback easier to read, adds some additional explanation to some questions.
  • If you want to jump immediately to the new topics, click here.

NEW APOCRYPHA ADDITIONS 4.30.22 (Version 1.1)

  • After this, he then correctly pointed out why this motorcycle environmental set up, which was very well done and kind of funny for a player to find, was a mistake in the context of the game.
  • It implies motorcycles can be fixed and ridden in Fallout, which isn’t shown anywhere else. The player certainly can’t do it, but they certainly would want to do it if they could. Normally, this isn’t a question, but as soon as you see that motorcycle scene, you suddenly do question it.
  • Riding motorcycles is cool, so providing a hint that you might be able to ride one and then denying the player of that option is unfair, jarring, and reminds them the game world could have been more.




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Chris Avellone

Chris Avellone

Game Writer

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